Great Promos For Hockey Fans

It’s that time of the year again! Hockey season is upon us. Fans are pumped up to start off a new season cheering on their favorite team. If you’re thinking about throwing a hockey party, if you are coaching a hockey team, or if you’re simply looking for promotional products to hand out to those hockey fans in your life, then this blog is for you.


At Motivators, we have the perfect items for you to cheer on your favorite team. This blog consists of great promos for hockey fans!

1. Hockey Stick Pencil


This is an adorable item for the hockey fans in your life. It may look like a hockey stick from afar, but it’s actually a pencil! You can imprint your brand on the eraser which is designed to look like a hockey blade. This is the perfect giveaway for sporting events. If you’re looking to save money, you’re in luck: this Hockey Stick Pencil costs under $1 per piece.

2. Hockey Puck Stress Reliever


Stressed out? Let us help! Hockey fans, sports fans, and stress reliever fans will all enjoy this product. This custom imprinted squeezable Hockey Puck Stress Reliever is a very accurate replica of the real thing. It has a nice gridded grip area around the circumference of the puck, while the center is available to showcase your logo or brand! These stress relievers only cost $1.49 each, so you won’t break the bank!

3. #1 Foam Cheering Mitt – 16″


My favorite item at a gaming event are the foam cheering mitts! This item comes with a huge imprint on the hand and the finger on both sides. If you’re attending a sporting event with a group of friends, or if you want to give this item away to clients to show them that you’re their #1 fan, this product is for you. This mitt is Union Made in the USA, is available in 11 colors, is made of polyether foam, and has an opening for your hand to fit comfortably inside.

4. Deluxe Stadium Cushion/Blanket


This isn’t just an item for hockey fans, but for all sports fans. Hand this gift out to employees, give them away to clients, or purchase them for your co-workers. This product is great for sporting events and concerts. Hockey games can tend to get cold if you’re close enough to the rink. Stay warm with this cushion/blanket combo. Recipients will be sure to appreciate this useful sporting accessory. It converts easily from seat cushion to blanket, has a 28″ shoulder strap, a zippered closure, and includes front and bank open pockets. Spoil a group of people by giving out these polar fleece blankets!

5. Hockey Theme Business Card Sculpture

hopckeyIf you’re looking for a high-end, quality, gorgeous hockey themed gift, then check this one out. This item is hand crafted and placed under a clear dome on a beautiful base. Each product is individually packed for shipment, and it’s available with an optional engraved plate. You can order this product with a black or walnut base. This gift is beautiful, classy, and will be sure to impress each recipient.

6. Photo Friends: Hockey Bobblehead


This is an adorable gift to hand out to fans, players on your team, coaches, teachers, and more. Do you work for a hockey equipment company? Are you coaching a hockey team? Are you planning a trip to a hockey game with a bunch of co-workers? The bobblehead has room for the subjects’s face and also has room for your team name, sponsor or brand name. Showcase your brand in a very original way with this clever bobblehead. This product would also work great as a league or stadium giveaway!

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