Honoring National Healthy Weight Awareness Month

*updated January 2019

Ahhhh, the holidays are such a wonderful time of the year! There are colorful holiday decorations, time to socialize with family and friends, and more than likely a lot of calorie laden foods to entice you. There have been rumors that the average person gains seven to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Most people are convinced that they will gain at LEAST five pounds. Some studies have found that most people truly only gain one pound, but overweight people can gain five pounds or more. The problem is that if you do this to your body every year, it is understandable why you may put on 25 pounds or more over the years.

I guess it’s not so iron that January is Healthy Weight Awareness Month. It’s time for everyone to start shedding the pounds that they put on during the holidays! Motivators can help you honor this event and promote this concept throughout the year. Here are some suggestions for maintaining a healthy weight and the promotional products that can help you to honor National Healthy Weight Awareness Month!

1. Check Your Measurements



Not sure if you fit into the category of a healthy weight? Motivators has two great items to help you figure it out. Our Body Tape Measure with BMI Scale will help measure different areas of your body. The Body Mass Index Wheel will match your height and weight, and your BMI will automatically be calculated. These items are both great promotional giveaways for health clubs, gyms, and nutritionists!

2. Exercise



Are you just trying to fit some exercise in at home? Or are you on the road and trying to maintain your healthy weight? Either way, Motivators can help! We carry a wide variety of exercise equipment to help you meet your goals while you’re burning off those calories! The Travel Exercise Kit is great for people on the go. Looking for jump ropes, yoga mats, or exercise balls? Motivators has it all!

3. Eat Healthy


Do you want to maintain your healthy weight? The best way to achieve that is with eating healthy. Our Recipes for Healthy Eating Cookbook can steer you in the right direction. These cookbooks are a perfect giveaway for hospitals and health centers. They can be used for physician referral campaigns, wellness programs and more!

4. Drink Water


Whatever your plans are to achieve the healthy weight you’re aiming for, don’t forget to drink a lot of water. Our extensive collection of water bottles are sure to make you more excited on staying hydrated this season. We have a wide variety of water bottles available.

5. Start Walking


Walking is one of the easiest ways to burn additional calories and help you to maintain a healthy weight. Put on a pedometer and get out and walk! It is always more encouraging to be able to see how many steps and calories you have burned over a period of time. It’s a motivational product that will keep you focused and determined.

6. Keep a Record



Sometimes it’s hard to understand why you are not losing weight. It could be all of those BLT’s – not bacon, lettuce, and tomato – but bits, licks, and tastes. Keeping a food diary can help you to see what, where, and when you may be eating too much. Write it down. It is so simple, but it works! You can keep track of what you eat by writing it down. Our options range from a simple pocket notebook to a beautiful journal.

7. Educate Yourself




Learn which foods are fattening and which foods are healthy with one of our slide guides. Help yourself to make better choices, even if you’re at a fast food restaurant! You can also learn how to eat smarter and maintain your weight.

Now you and your customers can have the tools to maintain a healthy weight in January and throughout the entire year! Good luck and lay off the eggnog!

National Healthy Weight Awareness Month
HHS, Office of Public Health and Science, 1101 Wootton Parkway, Plaza Level, Suite 100,Rockville,MD-20852
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January is National Healthy Weight Awareness Month. Raise awareness for the importance of physical fitness. Visit https://dcp.psc.gov/ccbulletin/articles/Healthy_Weight_01_2011.aspx for more information.

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