Raise Awareness for Birth Defects Awareness Month

January is Birth Defect Awareness Month. Here are some of our top products to help you raise awareness for Birth Defects Awareness Month.

Custom Awareness Bracelets – Debossed


Custom awareness bracelets are a stylish and effective way to get a message out to the public. They are the perfect item to help promote awareness about birth defects. The bracelets are available in sizes for both adults and kids so that everyone can be able to display a message about this important issue!

Heart Magnet


Sadly, heart defects are one of the more common birth defects that babies suffer from. This heart shaped magnet is a great item to raise awareness for that, and it will also make people take notice, so that more awareness can be brought to the issue. Recipients of this item can stick it on their fridge as a constant reminder of the importance of raising awareness for such an awful birth defect.

Hanes Short Sleeve White Heavyweight Tee


When it comes to raising awareness for an important cause, there is no better platform than a t-shirt. Printing an important message about National Birth Defect Month on a t-shirt will provide you with a great deal of exposure to everyone who sees it. This shirt is 100% cotton, so it’s extremely comfortable, and it’s available in enough sizes to fit almost anyone. By printing a statement about birth defect awareness on a t-shirt to pass around to hundreds of people, we are getting one step closer to finding a cure for each and every birth defect.

Make sure to visit Motivators.com to find other ways to raise awareness for Birth Defects Awareness Month.

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