Five Stand-Out Umbrellas

February 10th is National Umbrella Day! Umbrellas were invented to keep the rain off of our heads and to shield our skin from the sun! Why not combine this useful item with your logo and turn it into an amazing giveaway that people will be sure to love?!

Motivators has all different types of umbrellas. For this blog, I will highlight five stand-out umbrellas that we offer!

1. Golf Umbrella


Golf is a sport that is enjoyed by many. Whether you are playing golf or watching a golf tournament, keep the sun and rain off of your body with this great 60″ arc umbrella. Your clients and/or employees will love this giveaway, and your company will get all the exposure they need with the large imprint area that this umbrella provides!

2. Long Pole Beach Umbrella


It’s never too early to remind your customers of the summertime! What better way to get your logo out there than to provide your customers protection against the strong summer sun? Recipients will be sure to love this beach umbrella, and it will proudly display your logo to the thousands of people who flock tot he beach once the weather gets warm!

3. totes Bubble Umbrella


This umbrella is the perfect promotional handout for clients who work or live in major cities with streets consistently packed with people. This umbrella has a 52″ arc clear canopy so that it’s easy to stay dry, while not risking bumping into other people. The imprint area is large enough so that people will be able to clearly see your logo!

4. Folding Travel Umbrella with Case


This convenient item is a great gift to give out to potential clients or employees on the go. This travel umbrella comes in a customizable carrying case that is compact enough to carry with you every day. When Mother Nature decides to rain down unexpectedly, this umbrella will come in handy, and it will showcase your logo or brand during each use.

5. Vented Windproof Umbrella


Sometimes a standard umbrella just won’t do. Some areas around the country get downpours that come fully equipped with strong, powerful winds. However, sometimes winds can destroy umbrellas. No need to worry with this item. The vented windproof umbrella is a great option for recipients in windy areas. Your logo will be proudly displayed on a white panel, and it will hold up quite nicely in wind gusts up to 55 MPH.

These are just some of the great umbrellas that Motivators offers! Give us a call today and let us find the perfect umbrella for you!


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