Raise Awareness for National Cancer Prevention Month

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. Around 15 million people are stricken with some form of cancer in the United States alone. It”s pretty safe to say everyone has been affected by the awful disease. We all know a friend, family member, colleague, or acquaintance who has suffered from cancer. Instead of going over promotional jackets, pens, mugs, and more, this blog will consist of items that can be used to raise awareness.

The first item is probably the most recognizable, awareness bracelets. They are inexpensive, fashionable, and most importantly, they make people aware of whatever cancer you are supporting. Here’s some items that can raise awareness for National Cancer Prevention Month.


Custom ribbon magnets are also a great item for raising awareness. They come in any color you would like! Many people put them on their cars so that they can show their support no matter what road, town, or state you happen to be driving in.


One of the most important promotional awareness items is the slider card. These cards educate people about the different forms of cancer, and what can be done to try and prevent them. They also give details about some examinations that can be done at home. Our Breast Cancer Awareness Slider Card can be a lifesaver. These slider cards are also available in Spanish.


The final item might sound a tad odd: the stress reliever. There is a stress reliever for absolutely EVERYTHING. They are fun to play with, throw and squeeze, but best of all, they keep people aware. For example, the Human Lungs Stress Reliever can raise awareness for lung cancer.


Here are seven tips to help reduce your risk of getting cancer:

1. Don’t use tobacco

2. Maintain a healthy diet

3. Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active

4. Protect yourself from the sun

5. Get immunized

6. Avoid risky behaviors


7. Get regular medical care

For other ideas as how to raise awareness for National Cancer Prevention Month, visit Motivators.com for dozens of other awareness ideas!

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