Seven Great Super Bowl Products

The most watched, most talked about event, year in and year out, has nothing to do with celebrities. It doesn’t involve actresses in dresses, and believe it or not, it will never involve a Kardashian. No, the biggest TV event every year is the Super Bowl. This year, the Super Bowl will be on February 1st. Last year’s Super Bowl was viewed by over 111 million people. When you include the amount of people that watched in sports bars, the number is probably much higher. So the question is, how do you involve your company in the biggest event of the year? Check out these seven great Super Bowl products for some ideas!

1. Football Can Holder


Some may say it’s the players, some may say it’s the commercials, others might even tell you it’s the halftime show. However, the real reason the Super Bowl is so big, is because it’s an excuse to party! Everyone knows when that special Sunday arrives, you must be either hosting or attending a Super Bowl party. Get these can coolers in people’s hands and everyone will take notice of your brand during the big game.

2. Football Sports Cushion


Let’s not forget that the Super Bowl is still an actually football game, which typically holds crowds in the range of 70,000 people or more. That’s why stadium cushions are so key. They keep everyone comfortable for the big game and for all future games that they attend.

3. Portable BBQ Grill and Kooler


When attending any football game, ESPECIALLY the Super Bowl, tailgating is key. Before anyone has won or lost, every fan can enjoy themselves with a cold drink and a hot hamburger. This piece is great because it helps accomodate hot and cold items. It looks and acts like a cooler, but it also holds a portable BBQ. That’s an entire meal in one bag!

4. Leeds Game Day Lounge Chair


When you are done prepping the tailgate, and it’s finally time to relax, that’s where the Game Day Lounge Chair comes in. You woke up early to drive to the game and spent all afternoon cooking up some delicious food. Now it’s time to put your feet up and your drink down in one of the two cup holders. Sit back and relax before you spend the next three hours cheering.

5. Leeds Game Day Clear Stadium Tote Bag


If you were lucky enough to get your hands on tickets to the game, you don’t want to be turned away at the gate. Security is always tight at football games, which is why the clear stadium tote bag is so important. Whatever you are bringing inside, security will be able to see it through the bag. This item is very clutch for all sporting events.

6. Football Sport Bottom Pint Glass


If you’re hosting your own Super Bowl party, you should really take the opportunity to make the occasion memorable for everyone. Glasses make a great low cost favor, and the bottom of this glass actually has a football engraved into it. This is a fun, memorable, reusable piece. It will be a huge hit for any Super Bowl event!

7. Football Chill Patch


No matter where you watched the Super Bowl from, and no matter which team won or lost, Monday will inevitably arrive. When it does, you may wake up realizing you partied a little too hard. Hopefully, you have one of these ready and waiting in the freezer for your aching head, or anything else that you hurt while celebrating the Super Bowl the day before!

Make sure to check out for dozens of other items that can be used to celebrate the big day!

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