Six Great Products to Celebrate National Drink Wine Day

If you are a wine lover like myself, then you know that February 18th is National Drink Wine Day! What better way to celebrate than to give a thoughtful gift that compliments a delicious Malbec? Without further ado, here is my list of top six great products to celebrate National Drink Wine Day.

1. Vino 2 Go


While wine is a choice beverage to bring along, glasses are not always convenient to pack. So instead of having to carefully wrap up glasses on your picnic, bring the Vino 2 Go travel glasses. They are made of plastic and have a lid which is perfect for that bus ride to the wineries, or while sitting outside.

2. Gemline Reserve Wine Kit


One of my biggest fears is having my wine bottles break while in transit. Sometimes I can hear the bottle(s) rolling around and I cringe at the sound of the glass clanking together. What better way to transport and present wine than in our reserve wine kit? This insulated bag holds two bottles of wine and has a divider so that the bottles don’t hit together. It also features an elastic holder which will hold the corkscrew tight inside of the kit.

3. Leeds Executive Wine Gift Set


Looking for a high-end gift? This beautiful gift set includes an ergonomic bottle opener, foil seal cutter, drip ring, thermometer, pourer, two wine stoppers, and two replacement corkscrew bits. On the box is a stunning plate that is laser engraved

 4. Leeds Grigio 4 Piece Set


I actually received this item as a wedding favor, and I thought it was amazing. It is unique and simply adorable.  The wine bottle case holds a corkscrew, pourer/stopper, and a drip ring. This is a perfect party favor that you can customize.

5. Collapsible Wine Rack Set


This item is perfect for liquor stores.  It allows for six bottles of wine to be showcased, but then folds flat for easy storage. It is great for trying to highlight a new brand of wine or highlight a sale.

 6. Stemless Wine Glass


For one of my best friends bridal shower we gave this glass out as favors. Everyone LOVED them. The 9oz elegant glass is perfect for wine, but can of course be used for other drinks. It is classic and clean, and most importantly, will be kept and reused.

Make sure to check out for more ideas for National Drink Wine Day!


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