Spread Awareness for American Heart Month

The heart is responsible for sustaining many other organs in the body. Due to this, it’s so important to make sure that the heart remains in good health. Here are some great promotional products to Spread Awareness for American Heart Month this February.

We have many heart healthy cookbooks. My favorite one is Cookbooks: American Heart Association One-Dish Meals. The less cleaning for making a meal, the better. This type of book is less intimidating for the amateur cooks.


A pedometer is a great way to spread awareness for American Heart Month. Keeping the body in shape is a fantastic way to make sure the heart is kept healthy. You can hand these out at your next awareness event. It will promote movement and exercise. It’s also great for anyone trying to get in shape, since they can consistently keep track of how much walking they are doing per day.


The Heart Jar Opener consists of quality rubber, huge imprints, and attractive packaging. This jar opener is affordable, has hundreds of uses, and can last for years. This product comes sealedand protected in individual gift bags with exclusive “Clear-View” window.


These three products barely touch the surface for the amount of items Motivators has in stock for you to raise awareness for American Heart Month. Bracelets, heart stress balls, fitness equipment, and dozens of other products can all raise awareness for American Heart Month!

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