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Anyone who says that cell phones, Internet, and television are killing the book industry, just isn’t paying attention to the movies. Many of the most popular movies of the last decade have been based on popular novels. Every March 2nd, we take a day to remind everyone the wonders of reading on Read Across America Day. There are a ton of great giveaways to help encourage everyone, from children to adults, to read. Here are some products to honor Read Across America Day.

Flex Booklight











There may be no better way to relax than with a good book. Even with all of the technology available in e-readers, tablets, and laptops, sometimes nothing can beat reading an actual book. With the Flex Booklight, it doesn’t matter the time or place, you will always be able to arrive safely at the next page.

Readers Mark Bookmark Magnifier








Nowadays, bookmarks can do more than hold your place in a book. This bookmark clips on to your last page read and comes fully equipped with a magnifier and a 5″ ruler. That’s three-in-one! This item is also super thin and ultra-flexible, just in case you actually want to use it as a bookmark.

Dr. Suess: Oh, The Places You’ll Go












Read Across America got its’ start from the great Dr. Seuss. He spent his life dedicated to getting kids excited about reading. In fact, that’s why Read Across America is on March 2nd. It’s Dr. Seuss’s birthday! What better way to celebrate than by purchasing what is arguably his most inspirational book! You can even customize it and add an inspirational page as the first page in the book.

Business Bestsellers: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People











Let’s not forget that reading isn’t just for kids. Even the professional business person can use the occasional informational read. This book was on the New York Times best-seller’s list! We have the book in hardcover or softcover. Remember, your next read doesn’t have to be about a vampire!

Let Motivators help you to find the best products that can honor Read Across America Day. Happy reading!

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