Six Products to Honor National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month is a nutritional education and information campaign which takes place in March. Many people know the main steps that they need to take in order to be healthy, but sometimes having items that assist in staying healthy can be very helpful. Here is a list of six products to honor National Nutrition Month!

1. Water Bottle


As my dad always said, DRINK WATER! Water controls calories, energizes muscles, helps your skin stay nice, maintains your bodily fluids, and can even help your kidneys. So instead of drinking a soda at meals, have a nice glass of cold water. Or better yet, keep a water bottle at your desk throughout the day!

2. Lunch Bag


Another great way to help with nutrition is to stop ordering in and taking out food. Try to bring a lunch bag from home that has well balanced foods. Bringing your lunch will not only help with your nutrition, but it will also keep your wallet fuller.

3. Trail Mix


Need a snack at 3PM? Skip the candy bar and grab some trail mix! Trail mix is high in GOOD fats that will fill you up when you are on the run. I love our small trail mix bag because it is the perfect portion. This item is also great for trade shows!

4. Healthy Eating 2015 Calendar


March is not too late to start your New Year diet! Replace your scenic calendar with a healthy eating calendar! Having healthy foods and recipes in your line of sight every day will help keep you focused. Plus, you can clip out the recipes for future meals!

5. Pill Case


Part of staying healthy is taking the correct vitamins and medications. 90% of people fall short of getting important nutrients from food alone, and therefore should be taking a daily vitamin. A pill case is also great if you need to take medications multiple times during the day. I love the medicine tray organizer that helps people to keep track of all of their pills.

6. Pedometer


Staying active and walking can do a great deal for your health. Pedometers help people know just how active they are being throughout the day. Seeing how many steps you take and calories you burn is a great incentive for staying healthy. Pedometers are a perfect giveaway for gyms!

So make sure to participate in National Nutrition Month this March. Make sure to check out We have dozens of other products that can be used throughout the month of March for this important event!

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