Celebrate World Health Day

World Health Day is devoted to foot safety. Unsafe food intake is the reason behind an estimated two million deaths annually. The hope for World Health Day is to be able to promote efforts in food safety.

Motivators has several products that can help you to promote food safety in your business, school, community, and daily life. Here’s some promotional products that will help you to celebrate World Health Day.

1. Food Safety Wheel


Get a jump start on food safety with our Food Safety Wheel. Our slide wheel gives you the basics that you need for proper food handling and preparation. This product will make sure that you have a successful outcome from your cooking or baking techniques.

2. 5-Piece Folding Cutting Board Set


When you are preparing food, it is safest to keep your raw and cooked foods separate. Our 5-Piece Folding Cutting Board Set is a handy tool that will remind you to keep certain foods separated. Each board is a different color and is marked with beef, fish, hot food, cooked, or vegetables. Bright colors and labeled icons help you to prevent contamination between foods. Each cutting board folds in half, which makes the transfer of food a breeze!

3. Food Timers

PromotionalCookingProduct PromotionalCookingProducts PromotionalFoodTimers PromotionalFoodTimer

Make sure your food is cooked properly! Motivators has a wide selection of food timers to make sure you cook your meat, fish, and poultry to the perfect temperature. Eating under-cooked foods can lead to food poisoning. Make sure to follow recipe directions and keep track of time with these helpful timers. These are definitely more effective than your average cell phone timer.

4. Food Containers

CustomFoodContainers PromotionalLunchBoxes PromotionalFoodContainers

Make sure that you keep all of your food protected at safe temperatures. Perhaps you went out to dinner, the food was cooked to perfection, and now you want to take your leftovers home. We have a great selection food containers to satisfy everyone’s needs.

5. Water Bottles


We are very lucky in this country to have accessibility to clean drinking water, but not everyone in the world is so lucky. Don’t take this luxury for granted! It’s very important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Motivators has a large selection of water bottles. Keep one on your desk at all times and you will never be more than a few feet away from hydration.

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