Five Fantastic Easter Giveaways

Meat on Fridays! No more depriving yourself of that chocolate bar, soda, or whatever else you gave up for lent this year. Easter is here! It’s one of those symbolic holidays that you don’t have to give a ton of gifts, you get together with friends and family and you eat. What can be bad about that?

Here are my top five Easter giveaways that can make your holiday a little more special.

1. Plastic Easter Eggs

Custom Empty Easter Eggs

First and foremost you need some eggs. For those of you who don’t want to make a mess or hard-boil any extra eggs, we have empty plastic Easter eggs that you can put whatever you would like in them. You can put a family name on these and reuse them for years to come!

2. Foam Bunny Ears

Custom Printed Foam Bunny Ears

Along the same theme, which little kid (or big kid) wouldn’t want to put on their very own pair of foam bunny ears? Another imprint able item which can used for years to come. Imagine a family picture with everyone wearing their own pair of these!

3. Chocolate Easter Bunny Stress Reliever

Custom Printed Chocolate Easter Bunny Stress Reliever

Believe it or not, not everyone can get in the Easter spirit (or any holiday spirit for that matter, we all have one). For those folks we have something special! A Chocolate Easter bunny stress reliever! They can sit in whatever corner of the room pleases them and squeeze away at this little guy.

4. World Famous Nest Egg Retread Jar Opener

Printed World Famous Nest Egg Retread Jar Opener

Another overlooked must have is a nest egg jar opener! With all the cooking going on, there is sure to be a jar or 7 that need to be opened. What better way to do so, then with this?

5. Bunny and Egg Chocolate Gift Box

Custom Bunny and Egg Chocolate Gift Box

Last but not least (and most people’s favorite) is the bunny and egg chocolate gift box! This delicious mix of milk and dark chocolate is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Five Fantastic Easter Products
Article Name
Five Fantastic Easter Products
Here are a few promo items that can make your Easter a little more special!

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