Five Items for Celebrating National Golf Day

Recently, for the first time in over a month, the temperatures in the tri-state area broke 40 degrees! If you live in Florida or California, this may seem very cold to you, but to those of us in the northeast, we had visions of the spring and summer.

Now is the time to get ready for National Golf Day, which occurs on April 15th. What better way to enjoy the warm weather than by relaxing and playing a round of golf? Here are fiver items for celebrating National Golf Day

Grande Deluxe Boxers Box


If you are hosting a tournament, a golf kt may be the best way to go in regards to promotional items. A nice kit will be appreciated by beginners and veterans alike. This particular kit covers everything you need for a day on the course: a golf towel, tees, ball markets, a divot tool, and, of course, golf balls.

Golf Umbrella – 60″ Arc


An umbrella isn’t an obvious choice for many people when they think about custom golf items. However, umbrellas aren’t only used for the rain! When walking around the golf course in the hot, sunny weather, an umbrella is the perfect tool to keep protected from the heat.

Nike Tech Dri-FIT UV Sport Shirt


A full 18-hold round of golf can take a very long time, so you need to make sure you remain comfortable throughout the day! Not only does this specialty material help your skin breathe in the heat, but it also has built in SPF 30 protection. So while the shirt is cooling you down, it is also protecting you from sunburn! This is a must-have product for all golf players.

Leeds Triton Golf Valuables Pouch


Between the golf balls, the golf tees, and everything else in between, golfers know that you end up accumulating many things that you need to carry around. That’s why a valuables pouch comes in handy! Attach it to your golf bag and it will be good for holding onto your things. You can even use it to store your personal items while you’re playing, such as your watch or cell phone.

Round Hole-In-One Award


At the end of a long tournament, and each golfer has played their heart out and done their best, it’s nice to be rewarded. It doesn’t have to be just for lowest score either! You can hand out awards for longest drive of the day, best putting, and other titles. This way, everyone can have a chance at winning an award. This is a great promotional item for golf outings and fundraiser golf matches!

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