Five Items for World No Tobacco Day

I am very ashamed to say it, but I used to be a smoker! Yes, I know, it is a terrible thing and I regret ever having smoked at all, but I am proud to say that I quit over a year ago and feel absolutely fabulous. Not only do I breathe a lot easier now, but I also don’t smell like stale smoke all the time, spend ridiculous amounts of money on cigarettes, and fear for my long term health. I am sure a lot of damage has already been done, in the many years that I have smoked, but it is never too late to stop! To help all of those who are looking to quit, World No Tobacco Day is on May 31st, and it is a great time to set your goals and take that step to a healthier and happier you!

Based on, here is what happens when you quit smoking:

  • Within 20 minutes your heart rate drops
  • Within 12 hours the carbon monoxide (a gas that can be toxic) in your blood drops to normal
  • Within 2 weeks to 3 months your heart attack risk decreases and your lungs start to work better
  • Within 1 to 9 months coughing and shortness of breath decrease and your lungs function better, lowering your risk of lung infection
  • Within 1 year your risk for heart disease is half that of a smoker’s
  • Within 5 years your risk of having a stroke reduces to the same as someone never smoked
  • Within 10 years your risk of dying from lung cancer is half that of a smoker’s, and your risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas also decreases
  • Within 15 years your risk of heart disease is reduced to the same as someone who has never smoked

Promote Smoking Cessation this World No Tobacco Day

To help promote smoking cessation, a lot of health organizations, government agencies, businesses, insurance companies, and schools use promotional giveaways to aid in the process.

Chewing Gum: Many people try to replace their smoking habits with chewing gum. Every time you have a craving just pop a piece and move on! Step-by-step and day-by-day, the addiction and habit get easier.

Mints: Just as chewing gum, promotional mints are a great substitute when you crave cigarettes. Not only do they keep you pre-occupied, but peppermint is also an herbal remedy used to aid in the cessation of smoking. The flavor will prevent you from wanting to smoke a cigarette, due to the change in the taste in your mouth.

Cost Calculator Pocket Sliders: Though the main motivation to quitting smoking should always be your health, a lot of people are motivated more by money. Depending on where you live and how much you smoke, cigarette costs take up a significant amount of income. Being reminded of how much you are saving by not smoking and its long-term affects are a great motivational tool to help many quit and not smoke again!

Water Bottles: Besides gum and mints, doctors tend to recommend drinking water to help quit smoking. It is simple: every time you want to smoke, drink water. Not only does it help keep your mouth busy, but it also helps to rid your body of the toxins more quickly so you can get over your addiction.

Air Fresheners: And lastly, promotional air fresheners are a great way to help those who want to quit smoking by reminding them of the stale and gross smoke smell. Especially for those who smoke in their car, there is nothing more disgusting than getting into a car that smells like an ashtray. By putting up the promotional air freshener with the NO SMOKING theme in the car, it will help remind the individual how much smoking stunk up their car.


Yes, it may be difficult, but it is never too late to quit. Why not start with World No Tobacco Day? Just think of all the reasons you have – whether it be monetary, health-related, your family, friends and loved ones. With all the health hazards related to smoking, is it really worth it? There will be some days that are harder than others, but in the long run, if you want to quit, you can do it! And there are always plenty of promotional items to help you through it all 🙂

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