3 Reasons They Didn’t Stop at Your Tradeshow Booth

It’s not just money that goes into tradeshow engagement. No, it is also time and manpower, in addition to the cost of space on the floor, apparel for attendants, displays and giveaways. So what happens when you put all of that time, money and effort into your tradeshow booth and you don’t get the results you expected? Well these are the three biggest reasons you may not have seen the tradeshow engagement you wanted:

#3 – You Were Not Inviting

So often when planning on attending a tradeshow we worry so much about where the booth will be placed on the floor. We want to be right up front and center. If you can get that spot, that’s great, but it won’t guarantee your success. Make sure whoever is running the booth is alert, energetic and informed. Especially when multiple people are there, you’ll also want to make sure they are all dressed to impress. Perfect attire? Business casual. Custom branded polos or woven shirts with nice dress pants will give everyone a professional look that will make them easy to recognize and help with engagement throughout the tradeshow.inviting

#2 – They Didn’t Know You

Tradeshows are full of distractions. Attendees walking around has dozens of options of booths to enter, hundreds of people surrounding them, and possibly others attending with them pulling them in different directions too. This is why you want to make sure your tradeshow displays are communicating who you are. When you are surrounded by your competitors, your displays may be what makes the difference in pulling in attendees. They should be informative but not boring, exciting but not obnoxious.tradeshow display

#1 – You Didn’t Create Buzz

Tradeshows are a battle for attention. You must use whatever tools available to you to get a leg up. With so many variables going into your preparation so often the biggest factor will come down to one thing: tradeshow giveaways. Commonly known as “SWAG,” a good giveaway will spread like wildfire throughout the tradeshow creating engagement through that buzz. With an outstanding giveaway, strangers will commonly ask, “where did you get that?” and the battle for their attention will be won. Choose something that is unique, fun and will make anyone who sees it, want it. A big custom tote bag is always a safe choice that’s popular on the show floor to carry around catalogs and other swag, but what happens when they get home? The best thing to give away is an item that is useful to the attendee and relevant to your business. Get their attention and keep it.



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