5 Things You Never Knew about Beach Balls

Beach balls are one of the most popular giveaways once the spring comes. We receive constant calls for orders and many calls asking product information. The most common information that I tell my customers before buying a beach ball is:

1) Beach balls are measured around the outside while inflated.

Measuring a beach ball is different than measuring other round items. A beach ball is considered 16 inches when inflated and measured from end to end. We have found that customers are disappointed when they receive their beach ball because it is smaller than what is expected. To help troubleshoot this issue we have added a video on beach ball product pages. The video demonstrates how to measure the ball so that there is no confusion. We suggest that our customers watch the clip so they understand the size of the item.

2) Beach balls are multifunctional.

Don’t think of beach balls as just a pool item. I have had customers use beach balls for all different reasons. But one of my favorite uses is as an invitation or save-the-date. Being that the balls come flat and are light to ship, they make wonderful mailers.

3) Beach balls are safe.

I have had customers ask me for ideas for a good giveaway for summer parades, and I always recommend beach balls. The last thing you want to do is throw a Frisbee off of a float and hurt someone. But a beach ball that is custom imprinted with the event/art is the perfect item to throw around for children. Oh and of course, kids love them!

4) Beach balls are fun.

There is an allure and humor when there is a beach ball at an event. Seeing a beach ball being smacked around in the air at a stadium or graduation ceremony is always fun. I am not saying “be the person to start a ruckus,” but beach balls are FUN at all ages. It is a toy that has tested the sands of time and should not be forgotten/ignored.

5) Beach balls are colorful.

That’s right – beach balls come in many colors. This is particularly helpful when looking for an item that complements a program or artwork that needs to be red and white, for example. Beach balls do very well for schools, sport teams, and companies with specific branding colors. One of our best-selling beach ball colors is the pink/white version for breast cancer. Motivators has printed on the pink/white balls for the breast cancer awareness walk at Jones Beach as giveaways, and they were a huge success!



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