Honoring Firefighters’ Day

Throughout the year, we celebrate days honoring different people and careers in our society. Every May 4th, we honor one of the most important and courageous jobs there is: firefighters. There are many ways to honor your local firefighters. Here are some ideas:

Fire Safety Prevent and Escape Bookmark

The best way to honor firefighters is to honor their cause: to protect their fellow man and woman. These bookmarks include important tips not just to prevent a fire, but also what to do in case of emergency. These bookmarks have tips that can save lives in certain situations.

First Aid Kit

It is important to remember that firefighters don’t just fight fires; they must also be trained to save lives in emergencies. That is why every house and office should have a complete first aid kit. With everything from bandages to ice packs and an emergency first aid guide, these kits are certainly must-haves in any area with large numbers of people or seniors / children.

LED Flashlight

While flashlights are important in case of an emergency, batteries aren’t always dependable. LED flashlights will always be ready when you need them. You don’t have to worry about batteries running out or having to keep extras on-hand.

Photo Friends: Fireman Bobblehead

So often we look up to firefighters as heroes. Now anyone can look the part. It’s a great way to honor firefighters everywhere and to have a little fun too.

Firefighters Day


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