How to Gain Brand Loyalty

It is extremely important to build brand loyalty if you want to have a following of customers that will not stray. Ideally, we all want customers who will not think twice regarding who they will use for our products and services. We want to be the go-to, the one-stop shop, and the last man standing. As you know, loyalty starts with trust the same way it would in any relationship. Similarly, brand loyalty finds its roots with an emotional connection to the customer experience.Brand Loyalty

Here are five ways to solidify brand loyalty:

  1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service: Do your employees believe in what they sell? Do they use the products they preach? Customer loyalty starts from within and pours outward. Once you have employees who are proud of what they do, exceptional customer service will follow. Likewise, your employees should build personal relationships with their clients. Take notes when clients are speaking. Talk less; listen more. Make sure you are there when they need you, or (even better) be there before they need you! If your customers feel they are being helped with the utmost of care and attention, they will be less likely to go somewhere else. Make the experience pleasurable and memorable with top-notch customer service, and customers are guaranteed to come back! And that’s what brand loyalty is all about.
  2. Differentiate Yourself from the Pack: Make sure that you are providing services that the competition does not. What is your biggest differentiator? Do you focus on product safety? Will you ship faster than anyone else in the industry? Do you offer the same reliable product for a lower cost? Find out what you do best and different, and make sure your customers know about it.
  3. Stay Connected: It is extremely important to stay in touch with your customers. Is the item something that needs to be re-ordered every three months? If so, send them a hand written note with a kind reminder. Better yet, mail them a promotional calendar with reminder dates noted! Remember to thank them for their business and think of them during the holidays. Keep in mind that we are nothing without our customers, so we must thank them for our successes. Staying connected with giveaways is a great way to do that.
  4. Engage: Is your company on social media? Do you have a platform for your customers to speak to you and each other about your products or services? Is there a place on your website where customers can read or leave testimonials? Consumers care less about what the company says about themselves and more about what other consumers are saying about them. Give them a social platform and gain brand loyalty by engaging.
  5. Make Sure “No” is Not an Option: Do you find yourself saying no? Are you exhausting all of your options before you say that dreaded two-letter word? Make sure you are! If you aren’t, someone else will. Live and breathe the motto – “No is not an option.” Make sure your customers know that you will go the extra mile before throwing up the white flag. They will be forever grateful.

Overall, brand loyalty can make or break a company. In the discount-obsessed world that we live in, people still tend to buy from people they like. Follow these five tips, and I guarantee you will see an increase in customer retention and brand loyalty as a result.


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