Back-to-School: College Orientation

Summer is in full swing and before you know it, it will be time for back-to-school shopping. Most students who have just graduated from high school are enjoying their freedom until they realize they must become responsible adults. Orientation is a great way for them to mingle and make new friends, but it’s an even better way to get them ready for their first year of college life. Some great promotional products would be a fun/useful way to help them be prepared.summer_orientation

Presentation folders make a good giveaway, especially to hold all of the important papers and schedules that are given out at orientation. Journals are also extremely useful for students because they can jot down notes or any important reminders during class. And why not throw in a pen or highlighter to complete the package and give them a head start for the upcoming semester?

Bundling products is the perfect way to save money and add value to the package. You can pair together a higher-end piece with a cheaper piece so that you can still stay within your budget.

Orientation & School Spirit

In addition to your orientation bag being filled with useful products, it is also the perfect opportunity to promote school spirit with everyday items like water bottles and apparel. Students that stay hydrated throughout the day tend to be more focused in class, so why not offer them a logoed sports bottle to help them out?

Apparel is definitely the #1 school spirit promotion. Make them feel proud to be a part of a great university and show off your school’s logo even when they are off-campus. If you are unsure about which apparel items to choose, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats and t-shirts are always popular choices among college students.

Whatever you decide to fill your orientation bag with, just make sure to stock up early! And as always, should you need any help in finding the perfect products for your particular college orientation, the experienced staff at Motivators is here to help.


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