Low Minimum Promotional Items

Most of the time, I have customers that are the buyers for their company or are running a trade show booth and they need several hundred or even thousands of promotional items. In those instances, the customers don’t even question the minimum orders because they know they meet the requirements with flying colors.

But what happens when you only need a small amount? What happens when you have a family reunion and require 24 shirts? Or just 35 water bottles? Does that mean you can’t order branded items? No way!

Just because we sell in bulk, doesn’t mean we can’t help you with low minimum promotional items! Motivators will not turn you away! We have built relationships that allow us to bend the rules so that your event doesn’t have to miss out on a great promotional item because you don’t meet the minimum requirement. We want to help you!

Here are 3 great promotional items that allow for low minimums:

  1. T-Shirts: Printed T-shirts are a great way to commemorate an event. Whether it is a bachelorette party, family vacation, birthday or even a sorority event, a t-shirt is the right fit! With tons of options to choose from, we can do a simple white t-shirt, or a washed out trendy one! With the ability to help on orders as low as 24, “no” is not an option! T-shirts are kept and worn for years to come and serve as the perfect walking memory!customtshirt
  2. Baseball Caps/Hats: Embroidered or screen printed hats would be another great option for a low quantity order. Many with a minimum of 24, we can have these delivered in about two weeks, no questions asked. Everyone loves a new hat, especially during a summer golf tournament. Only have a small group? That doesn’t scare us!baseball hats
  3. Mugs: Who doesn’t love a new mug? I know I do! Instead of buying one in the gift shop at your next vacation, why not create your own! Our full service art department can create a logo with your help and your family members will thank you for the unique souvenir. Let the mug stand as a reminder of that incredible Punta Cana vacation you took for years to come.custom mugs

Keep in mind that low minimum orders are not limited to the promotional items mentioned above. If you need ideas or want to chat, we are always glad to help!


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