What The Heck is Specialty Advertising Anyway?

Specialty advertising was born out of a need to reach and impact a targeted group with a company message or logo, often with a limited budget. The solution? A reminder of the brand in the form of a promotional message printed on small, useful items such as bags, calendars, cups, diaries, etc. This type of advertising stretches every dollar spent to the highest limit, allowing the advertiser to get the biggest bang for every buck.Quote6-twitter_lrgeWhere do you get specialty items?

Most are sold through distributors such as Motivators Promotional Products. With literally thousands of products to choose from, the choices can seem overwhelming. Our educated and knowledgeable staff has over 30 years of experience, making us your business’s best resource for specialty advertising.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing Specialty Advertising?

What are the main factors to think about when choosing how to get your message across?

  1. Budget. How much can you spend? Consider how many giveaway items you need, and remember that there usually be set up charges and shipping costs to consider. EXPERT TIP: Customized pens are typically the lowest cost type of specialty advertising product.
  2. Target Market and Type of Event. Who are you trying to reach? There are products geared towards every type of industry and event. Health, technology, education – the list goes on and on.  Consider who is receiving your item and how they will perceive it. Businesses typically give employees more expensive promotional items such as cooler bags, jackets and bags which go a long way to making employees feel appreciated. On the other hand, a dog grooming business might hand out dog friendly flyers to strangers at the local dog park to reach their target market. The frisbees offer a tangible takeaway that reminds them of “Lucky Dog Pet Resort and Salon” each time they play fetch. So when Fido lands in that puddle, they will know who to call for a bath!
  3. Time Constraints. How much time to you have to receive your products? Production and shipping times vary by product. While many items can be produced quickly, I always encourage everyone to plan ahead and call one of the professionals at Motivators for the best expedited service.
  4. Printing Method. How will your logo appear on the product? Can it be produced in one color? Is it more than one color? Will it require digital printing? All of these questions must be answered to choose the best products for your needs.

With so many reasons to brand an item and so many ways to do it, specialty advertising provides an excellent way to effectively get your message across with permanence for the least amount of money!


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