Top 5 Favorite Imprinted Items

I am proud to say that I have been working at Motivators Inc. for nine years! Throughout my time here I have seen products come and go, and I have picked my top favorite items to share. Why are they my top five favorites? Because of the value I see my customers get out of them!

1) Umbrellas

Umbrellas are my all-time favorite item to customize. Besides the panel having a beautiful imprint area, umbrellas are one of those items that people never throw away. Let’s face it: who wants to buy an umbrella? But if given as a gift or memorabilia I find the recipient holds on to it.

(TV Reference: HIMYM – Ted would never have met the mother without the yellow umbrella. Isn’t that reason enough?)


2) Chargers

Want an item that is useful and techy? A power bank is a great stocking stuffer, gift with purchase, prize, emergency kit piece or bookstore item. Chargers are extremely popular right now as everyone is glued to their devices and always seems to run out of battery when it is important.

(Personal Use: I had given these out as favors at a party. Everyone loved them and told me it was the most useful item they’ve received in a long time!)

3) Antibacterial Items

It is an oldie but a goodie! Sometimes you just can’t find a place to wash your hands. In those instances antibacterial items are a life saver. Antibacterial products are inexpensive and still used and needed at tradeshows, medical facilities, schools and offices as well as in diaper bags and purses.

(Medical Fun Fact: Hospitals turned to antibacterial gel because you have an issue with soap and water: it takes time, and soap and water, if done multiple times a day, can be drying to the skin especially in winter months.

4) Apparel

Who doesn’t love getting a shirt, jacket or hoodie with a custom imprint? The staying power of imprinted apparel is amazing. Who doesn’t have a shirt with their favorite band or sports team on it? Who hasn’t kept an article of clothing, even though it doesn’t fit anymore, just because it means something to them? People get excited and attached to imprinted items, especially if they can wear them.

(Personal Example: I have all of my custom imprinted apparel from the breast cancer awareness walks. And my husband holds on to shirts that are thread bear).

5) Journals

Journals are classic. They are rich and can be very beautiful. When I see and hold a brand new journal with fresh pages and a new spine I feel happy. Journals have lasted through the technology age because people still do enjoy and need to write things down.

(TV Reference: LOST- what would Faraday have done without his journal?!)



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