Top 7 Cell Phone Accessories to Promote Your Brand

For a large majority of the population it’s hard to imagine our lives before our smartphones. According to’s forecast there will be more than 196 million smartphone users in the U.S. by 2016. No matter where you go, I’m sure you’ll notice how many people are dependent on these awesome devices.

Along with these devices, people are looking for accessories. What better way to draw people to your company than to give away free cell phone accessories? Not only will people be happy to receive these gifts, but they will also promote your business as well.

Here are some of the great cell phone accessories that can promote your business to the masses:

  1. Phone Stands – These stands are great desk accessories and ideal for quickly viewing any texts, email notifications or calls. They allow the phone to be standing upright instead of being flat on the desk. Your logo will also be on full display as well.
  2. Car Chargers – Your clients will be thrilled to receive a free car charger. When they’re on the go and forget to charge their phones at home, they’ll turn to your promotional charger and be reminded of your company.
  3. Smartphone Wallets – Made of silicone with an adhesive backing and imprinted with your company logo, smartphone wallets are a perfect way to get your company noticed. This item conveniently can hold a credit card, a driver’s license and even your client’s business cards. There are even ones that can hold earbuds! It’s a perfect item for keeping everything you need in one convenient
  4. Smart Phone Holders – These cases are made of neoprene to protect your phones from scratches and prevent it from breaking if dropped. With a carabiner clip it can easily be clipped to a belt loop or the inside of a purse.
  5. Microfiber Cloths – If you are like me, you are constantly rubbing the front of your phone on your clothing to get rid of fingerprints, but they never seem to go away. Nothing works quite like a microfiber cloth. They can be digitally imprinted in full-color for a beautiful item that is sure to get noticed.
  6. Water Resistant Cell Phone Bag – Love going to the beach, pool or waterparks but afraid to bring your phone because it might get wet? You will have no worries with this unique gift idea. It will protect your device from water damage, and the conductive material allows you to use your phone without ever taking it out of the bag. It’s a great gift idea for the summer.
  7. Power Bank Chargers – Oh no, your battery is low! You’re not at home or in your car. No worries when you have this handy travel charger. This item will surely be a hit at your next company

Whether you’re promoting a car dealership, an insurance company, a bank, a fundraiser or anything at all, there is no better way to get your business noticed than with promotional cell phone accessories!


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