5 Non-Candy Halloween Giveaways

With Halloween quickly approaching companies, schools and businesses are looking for giveaways. Instead of candy, here are some ideas to give out as treats!

  1. Coloring Books – I love the idea of giving kids a coloring/activity book as a treat. Once the trick-or-treating is over and you don’t want your kids to be eating candy, a coloring book is a great item to help kids calm down, sit still and still have fun.
  2. Crayons/Pencils – To go with the color/activity book, crayons and pencils are fantastic giveaways. My favorites are the orange, mood-changing pencils that you can custom imprint.
  3. Stress Balls – A pumpkin stress ball is a safe, cute toy. It can also be a decoration you can re-use year after year or as a cute party favor!Halloween-stress-ball
  4. Flashlight – A flashlight is a wonderful giveaway for Halloween season! One: all kids love to play with flashlights. Two: it really is a useful tool for when the sun sets and you need some extra light to trick-or-treat.
  5. Bags – Now what to put all of the goodies in? Our stock image Halloween bags are one of our best sellers. They are great for farms, fairs and Halloween parties. There is pre-printed art on the bag (ghost, pumpkin, safety tips, haunted house) and you can also print your own text and logo as well.Halloween-bag

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