Best 5 Giveaways for Fundraising Walk Events

All throughout the year charities all over the world are hosting fundraising walks. Participants are inspired to raise funds for so many worthy causes, but how do you motivate your walkers to raise even more money? As an 11-time Avon Walk for Breast Cancer walker, I have walked 435 miles and raised over $60,000 over the course of those 11 walks. Considering I sell promotional products for a living, I am still excited to raise even more funds with the chance of getting a gift at each plateau.AvonWalk

Here are my five favorite fundraising gifts that have motivated me to go beyond my fundraising goals.

  1. A Moisture-Wicking Shirt. There is nothing more comfortable than training in a wicking shirt. You can train for miles and not get sweaty while wearing a wicking shirt. Long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirts with wicking properties are worth going the extra effort to raise more money for your cause.shirts
  2. The Perfect Water Bottle. If you are doing a walk, the secret to a good water bottle is one with a wide mouth at the top. This allows you to easily refill your bottle during your training and the walk. With the wider opening it is easy to fill it up with ice too. All of Motivators water bottles are BPA-fee. We have bottles to meet every price point. The options for colors and bottle styles are endless, as we have push/pull tops or straws or twist off lids in a kaleidoscope of colors.WaterBottles
  3. Fanny Packs. Ok, you can make all the fun that you want, but fanny packs are perfect for a fundraising walk. You can keep all of your essentials in one place. Where else would you put your phone, I.D., keys, money and lip balm? Fanny packs are unisex and come in really handy as they are light weight and convenient!FannyPacks
  4. Power Bank. There is nothing worse than having your phone run out of power while you’re out training for a walk or during the actual walk. A power bank can fit in your pocket or fanny pack with ease and helps you to stay connected long after the event is over.PowerBanks
  5. Bandanas. Stay cool or keep warm; a bandana can be beneficial in any weather conditions while you are out walking. From standard bandanas to Yowie®, Motivators keeps you covered. Promote your event while staying stylish!Bandanas

It is time to sign up for that walk, get motivated to put your sneakers on and raise money for your favorite cause! Hopefully the event organizers will get you energized with some great promotional items to support your cause so you can help spread the word and raise money.

Be inspired 🙂 and call a Motivators sales representative today!


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