Surviving Summer with 3 Kids Under 6

Phew! Another summer in the books. This year was a great year for us. I have twin boys who are turning three and a daughter who is five. This summer we were able to get out and start adventuring. The boys are more fun vs. the years prior, which I refer to as “the maintenance years.”

We were able to take adventures to the beach, which is no small feet. I felt like John Candy in Summer Rental hauling everything in the little red wagon pile far beyond OSHA approved standards. We packed in the sand pails and shovels, the beach chairs, coolers, towels, a tote with changes of clothes for everyone, etc.

The first time we made all the rookie mistakes (like bringing beach chairs to relax in).  Ha! Kids and 40-year-olds have a different view of the beach. There is no relaxing in beach chairs. By the third trip we had streamlined our gear and were professionals.

All summer our short adventures were leading up to one final shebang: Story Land!!! It is a theme park in New Hampshire for toddlers based on nursery rhymes like humpty dumpty, mother goose, three little pigs, billy goats gruff, etc…. you get it. By mid-July we were ready. We went mid-week to avoid any crowds. My wife and I were ready… GAME ON!

Backpacks stuffed, cooler packed, water bottles filled. We had a great time! We rode all the rides, and sometimes just watching others go on the rides was just as fun. The highlight, which we saved until the end, was the Flume ride. We got soaked!!!!

After a change of clothes and an ice cream treat we made our way to the exit. We forgot about the dreaded GIFT SHOP!!! Seems like anywhere you go these days you have to exit through the gift shop. The panicked, deer-in-the-headlights look on my wife’s face was priceless… we still have a few good laughs about it.

To eliminate any bartering before it even happened, we said “one item each.” They had everything – custom branded t-shirts, mugs, water bottles – everything and anything with the Story Land logo on it.

Storyland branded t-shirts

After being in the promotional industry for 11 years I knew the ins and outs of all the items being sold. My wallet was reluctant to open at first, but I caved. How can you say no to a little girl with her puppy dog eyes and the excitement she had for the little stuffed bear with a Story Land t-shirt?  And hey, what says “I had a great time at an amusement park” like a custom imprinted Ray gun?

It was a great time, and we survived. Can’t wait to do it again next year!


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