Best Promotional Food & Kitchen Items for the Holidays

What do you think of when you think of the holidays? The first things that usually come to my mind are family and friends, get-togethers and parties, and lots of delicious FOOD. During the holidays some of the top promotional giveaways tend to be food products. Some of the best sellers are chocolates, nuts, candies, cookies and gift baskets.gingerbreadmen

However, food is more of a short-term promotional opportunity because it is usually consumed immediately. That is why I recommend giving away promotional kitchen items along with the food products for something that is more long-term. For instance: cook books, oven mitts, utensils, aprons and jar openers make great accessories to food items.

Some great holiday gift combinations are:

giftbasketYou can also bundle a whole bunch of promotional kitchen items and make your own holiday package. Maybe include your favorite holiday recipe as a gift basket to employees, customers, and friends or as a giveaway during your holiday party.

Having a HOLIDAY COOKIE PARTY would be a quite creative and fun idea. You can get baskets and fill them up with a fun shaped cookie cutter, measuring cup, spatula, whisk, apron, and cookie fillings (such as chocolate chips, raisins or nuts). Hand write your favorite holiday cookie recipe on a nicely printed greeting card, and give them out so everyone can go home and try your recipe. Not only will it be a nice gift they can later use to spend time with their family when baking and eating their cookies, but they will also use all the items in the basket for a long time to come. With your custom branding on the items, everyone using the kitchen utensils will see your name every time they use them.

So with only a few more weeks until the full-blast holiday spirit kicks in, I recommend everyone start researching for their food items that they want to give away this holiday season. After all, a full stomach is a happy stomach, and a happy stomach = a happy customer ☺


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