Promotional Products in the Healthcare Industry

This month I would like to discuss one of the largest industries for promotional products. It’s healthcare!healthcare

Who would have thought? When you think of promo items, you think of pens, and mugs and t-shirts. Why would a hospital, doctor’s office or pharmaceutical company need tons of swag? Well, because of the same reason as everyone else AND more!

In an age when everyone is exercising and paying more attention to their health, so is the healthcare industry. There is a HUGE push on preventative care. A recent study found that preventive services such as daily aspirin use, tobacco cessation support and alcohol abuse screening can potentially save two million lives and nearly $4 billion annually. WOW. It’s no wonder there has been a huge uptick in tobacco-free pamphlets purchased and pillboxes with company’s logos flying out of our factories! What’s a few dollars to help promote these programs when you’re saving tons of lives and money?

Another example is home healthcare. People have a choice in which physician they see, and it’s a booming business. How do you promote this business? The same way you would any other business. Give the potential clients items they can use and that will keep you on their minds. It’s a little more specific than other businesses, which work to their advantage. Pamphlets and pillboxes are excellent and useful. Notepads seen in the potential customers’ homes are sure to keep your company a household name.

All-in-all healthcare is one of the most important industries out there, and every one of us has and will continue to see a doctor or visit a hospital at some point. Might as well be the household name with some useful and creative promotional products!


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