Promotional Products, Tourism & Good Old Souvenirs (But No Koozies)!

I recently spent 10 days in Spain, and yes, it was fantastic! The excitement of an old-world city enjoyed with friends was everything I imagined it would be. One thing I did NOT expect was to be thinking about promotional products while I was away, but they are everywhere!

We stayed in the Las Ramblas section of Barcelona for the first five nights. The streets were lined with vendor booths filled with t-shirts, bags and just about every other item you could put your logo on! Most tourists like to bring little trinkets home for their loved ones that represent a bit of where they visited, and I was no different. But the same old tote bag wasn’t going to cut it.Barcelona-bag

The famous Architect Gaudi lived and worked in Barcelona, and his influence can be seen throughout the city. We visited La Pedrera, and the gift shop had great items to choose from. There are mugs, plates, ashtrays, diaries, candles, posters and ornaments with his mosaic themes.

Specifically, Gaudi’s salamander, which is located at the entrance to Parc Guell, is a souvenir that represents Barcelona well, but is not obvious due to the fact that not everybody knows about it. I came across little, take-home versions as well as all kinds of object with the salamander on them.Gaudis-Salamander

I was roasting hot, so I bought this beautiful fan with Gaudi’s famous butterfly print on it. Boy did I use this a lot!Fan

Here are a few items to skip: Flamenco outfits!Flamenco-outfits

And if you want a Koozie, forget it… You can’t buy a Koozie in Spain apparently. I looked everywhere!


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