Promotional Take-Home Bags

Promotional take-home bags are a great way for your clients and customers to carry around many promotional items or literature they receive. Whether they are given out at trade shows, an office or a store, these bags come in handy when you have multiple items to handout.

What’s great about these bags is that they already come with stock art on them so no need to try to find the perfect artwork; Motivator’s does the work for you! Your company name and logo can be imprinted as well on these bags so your company will sure to get noticed as well with the many different designs Motivators has to offer!

Here are some great ideas for these promotional take-home bags:

With Halloween upon us, many cities around the country have set up local parades, haunted houses and activities for this holiday. That’s what makes Halloween promotional bags a great item to hand out to the children to collect their “treats” along the way. From scary ghosts to jack-o-lanterns, Motivators has the right bag with the right design for your event.

A trip to the dentist’s office might not be the most exciting visit a person wants to make but you will sure put a smile on your clients face when you hand them a cute bag with smiling teeth being brushed with a big toothbrush! You can fill it with all the essentials they will need like a toothbrush, toothpaste and/or floss so they remember that you care about their dental

If your doctor’s office will be at a health fair, you need a bag to hold literature and other items. Motivators has got you covered. We have many bags to choose from that are health-related such as our “Your Health Matters to Us” bag. Let your potential patients know where to go when they need the help they need.

Selling your American-made goods at a local market or fair? Show that your product is “Made in the USA” with our promotional take-home bags that proudly display the American flag! People love to know that they are supporting the American people and their products.usa-bag

Maybe you want to completely customize your entire bag; well we can take care of that too! Start with a blank white bag and design your full-color, digitally imprinted bag. You can be as creative as you want, and you know that you will have a one-of-a-kind bag to proudly display your goods.

Need help finding the right promotional take-home bag? Give Motivators a call, and one of our sales reps will be more than happy to assist you with all of your needs!


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