The Tried and True Can Cooler

Can coolers have been around forever. They are a staple in the promotional industry – right up there with the pen, Frisbee and note pad.

They are the perfect items for any event or season, keeping the cold things cold or your hands warm on those fall days. And there are so many to choose from! Some fold flat giving them a great imprint area, which displays well at tradeshows. I recently did a charity walk where they handed these out. People put them in their pockets without adding bulk, and at the end of the race they came in handy to hold the cold water or the hot cup of cider.

The more traditional round style can cooler comes in a lot of colors. You can have the imprint wrap around the holder because there is no seam, which can create an oversized imprint opportunity for branding.  They even make can coolers for bottles.can-cooler-bottle

My favorites are the ones that you can get an imprint all over the holder because the branding opportunities are endless. I’m a little partial to this particular can cooler because I used these for a friend’s 40th birthday last November. My buddy didn’t want anything big or fancy; he just wanted the watch the Pats play. So we organized the party at my house, which quickly turned big (but not fancy). We ended up doing a BBQ blowout with everything you could think of: a fire pit, horseshoes, a bounce house for the kids and a projector to watch the game on the wall. I had some of these can holders printed with images of my goofy buddy throughout the years. They were the hit of the party!can-cooler


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