The Secret to a Successful Corporate Holiday Party

Most of the time going to work is a relatively proper and daily thing that most people do to pay the bills. Hopefully you can enjoy yourself with what you’re doing as well! Recent studies show that only about 13% of people see work friends outside of work (which companies maybe want to take a look at because the same study shows that employee satisfaction at a company is boosted by 50% when coworkers hang out outside of the office).

A great way to start this trend is an office party! But how can you put this together without it being the same old “pizza and go home” sort of thing? What is the secret to a successful corporate holiday party?coworkers at corporate holiday party

First off are the decorations. You want to have a nice, relaxed medium where your employees know they’re not at work but at a work function instead. Napkins, table runners, fun gag prizes are all low-cost, fun decorations that will keep the name of the company on everyone’s mind.

Another great idea is personalized awards. These do not have to be the typical “best salesperson,” or “customer service hero” awards; they can be more fun, even modelled after high school superlatives to get to know each other a little better on a more personal level.

Hopefully this will add some laughter to the event and something people will be talking about come Monday. Finally, you want to give away something people can remember this fun event by. If you have a theme you can go with that, t-shirts are always a big hit, and hats or a weather-related gift are also great ideas.

A happy worker is a good worker. Hosting a fun corporate holiday party will hopefully even help the company’s bottom line!


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