Three Items to Help Boost Awareness

There are many different types of awareness events going on every month of the year. If you are looking to bring awareness to your planned event, whether it’s a walk to fight cancer to a children’s charity event, Motivators can help you boost awareness with some great items.raise awareness

Here are three top items to help boost awareness:

  1. Promotional seed paper ornaments with cards are a unique way to get your awareness event noticed. Plan your awareness event, and then hand out these cards to let people know all about your event like when and where it will be taking place. The recipients of this gift can use the seed paper to plant some beautiful flowers and have a reminder of your upcoming event.
  2. T-shirts are another great way to promote awareness. You can hand them out to those who join your event. It’s a nice way to display your cause, and the companies that you get to sponsor your event can have their logos imprinted on the back. Have people donate to your cause and receive a t-shirt to show they are a part of the cause.
  3. Tote bags are another great giveaway to hand out at your event. These custom imprinted bags will be used not only during your event but even after to continue to promote awareness. They can be filled with brochures about the cause and other handouts such as custom water bottles, awareness bracelets and apparel.

Motivators has some great items to help boost awareness for any cause. Let us find the right gift for your event.awareness ribbons


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