3 Things to Avoid at a Trade Show

As another successful year comes to an end, it is best to reflect on what worked and what didn’t work to make the next year successful. There are many aspects for a company to evaluate and discuss, but let’s talk about trade shows first.

What are three things to avoid at a trade show?

  1. Lack of traffic
  2. Lack of traffic
  3. Lack of traffic

Trade shows happen to be able reach out and make contact with as many people as possible. If you don’t have the booth to get them there, then you’re done! You will be spending your time drinking coffee and talking with your boothmates.

A banner or colorful display will get you noticed from across the room. We have some pieces that will work great for the next trade show inside or out. Our three-sided hanging banner kit is a winner every time. Three sides of branding with a four-color process imprint allow any number of colors or graphics to get your booth noticed. Our echo pop-up display kit with lights lets them know you are here to do business. If you have an outdoor event, our deluxe 6×6 event tent kit will provide plenty of shade.

You have to look good to do good! Dress for success. Wearing the right shirt for the occasion and making sure everyone on the team has the same one will help you stand out in the crowd. Whether it is at the booth or when you take a walk through the show to stretch your legs, make sure you look collected and professional. The performance polo is a great piece for casual shows as well as outdoor events, while the long-sleeve, button-up pima pique is ideal for more formal shows. And, of course, a microfleece pullover looks good on everyone.

Now that you are noticed and people are coming to your area, you have to have a giveaway that everyone will be talking about. You can go with food such as a chocolate chip cookie, which may be just what is needed for a day-long trade show. A great pen is always a winner! Even if it is not your company’s color, something loud or flashy that stands out will be easy to spot in that junk drawer or over-stuffed pen holder on your coworkers’ desks. And you can’t go wrong with a great tote bag. Everyone will need one to carry their bounty around for the remainder of the show. A great bag will create a buzz on the trade show floor with everyone wondering where it came from.

So there you have it: three ways to avoid the biggest blunder at a trade show. Never suffer from lack of traffic again; call Motivators for more ideas on how to get noticed and make your next trade show a success!three things to avoid at a trade show


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