5 Perfect Promo Pairings

I think it is safe to say that we all have heard the sayings: you are the peanut butter to my jelly, cookies to my milk, burgers to my fries, bacon to my eggs, apple to my pie, and so many other combinations I will hold back on, as I am sure you get the point.

In our world of promotional products we also have the popular items that go together like PB&J. Our top perfect promo pairings include:

1) Pens & Notepads/Padfolios

One of the most widely acquired promotional products is pens. They are inexpensive, fast and useful. Everyone needs something to write with and most people carry one with them. For example, when you are at the doctor’s office filling out paperwork, they have their promotional pens printed with their company logo on them in hopes that you will take it with you and spread the word. It’s the same story when you go to a bank; they have the pens waiting for you at the desks to fill out your deposit slips and sign your paperwork. So why not add a little notepad or a padfolio to really get the attention of your audience? You always need something to write on and should always have a notepad handy. Together the pen/pad duo makes the perfect combination.padfolio

2) Sports Bottles & Drawstring Bags

Yes, sports bottles are another very popular item for schools and trade shows, but so are drawstring bags. This combo is very big for kids because it’s a fun item pack for school field days, trips and fairs. It is also the number one pack for the gym. How can you go wrong with handing these out to everyone who signs up for the gym?! Sports events and sports teams also love this combo!bag-in-sports-bottle

3) Beach Balls & Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have item during the summer time. They are also a very popular item for weddings, clubs and universities. Beach balls are loved by all ages. They are available in a variety of different color and size. The combination of the two pairs makes a great summer giveaway.beachball-sunglasses

4) Wine Openers & Cheese Boards

Who doesn’t love wine and cheese? It should be a rule that if you love one you HAVE to love the other. With a variety of different styles of wine openers we can put your logo on, it is a great gift for the holidays. Paired up with a cheese board, you have the perfect gift combo.wine-opener-cheese-board

5) Power Banks & Headphones

In the world of technology we live in today, we are always in need of a backup charger. It could be an extra cord we keep in our cars, or at our desks at work, or even a portable one. The fact is our phone charge just does not last us enough for the whole day. And if you’re like me and love to watch things on your phone without disturbing others, headphones are also a huge necessity. This combo is a great giveaway for all ages.cell-phone-accessories


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