Imprinted T-shirts as Walking Billboards

Many times we think of imprinted promotional shirts as just that: a shirt with a logo on it. More often than not, we received imprinted t-shirts for free. We are given the shirt that we wear from time to time and probably don’t think much of it. But what happens when that promotional t-shirt comes in handy?!

Keri, our Art Director, told me a funny story the other day that inspired this blog. Her husband called in some pizza for Keri and their kids for dinner the other night. He paid with a credit card over the phone so that she didn’t have to deal with cash when the pizza arrived for delivery. Needless to say, the pizza delivery guy arrived and asked for $14. Keri looked surprised and explained that her husband had called ahead and paid over the phone. The delivery guy told her that he didn’t have any receipts with this information, and so Keri said she would have to go inside to find the phone number of the pizza place to call. At that moment, he said “Hey, wait! I think the phone number is right here on the back of my t-shirt!” Keri laughed and took the number from his shirt to settle the bill. She then explained how she works in promotional products and how much she appreciated the use of a great imprinted t-shirt. They laughed, and he went on his way!

Now, if that doesn’t prove just how important promotional apparel is, then I don’t know what will! This is a real life, everyday example of promotional products at work!

Imprinted T-Shirts Hard at Work

There are many other uses of promotional t-shirts in addition to the restaurant delivery example mentioned above. If we think of them as walking billboards, the opportunities are endless. Whether you are a camp, school, sorority, start-up tech company, yoga studio or law firm, wearing a shirt with your company name and logo is not only useful for a walkathon or company-wide gathering but also for people to potentially wear around after the fact. It is also a great conversation starter. If you can think of a cheeky question to write on the front, the t-shirt might even do the talking for you!

Another great use of imprinted t-shirts is for a trip. When everyone in your group is wearing a bright green shirt, you can be sure no one will end up lost.

This is certainly the case with our client, Step Up Women’s Network, a non-profit that helps girls from under-privileged communities to reach their full potential. They found their promotional t-shirts handy when they rang the closing bell at the stock market back in March. They look amazing, and we are so happy to call them our clients and friends!stepup-imprinted-tshirts

Another client, Interbrand NY, had their interns design a sweatshirt for the Intern Program this summer. We love that they selected a trendy crew neck sweatshirt and are sure these will be worn for years to come! Don’t they look comfortable?interbrand-sweatshirts

Overall, promotion apparel in general allows you to really get a bang for your buck! Have an idea for a shirt of your own? Contact one of our promotional consultants today! We can’t wait to hear from you!


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