Thanking Your Employees with End-of-Year Gifts

Who doesn’t appreciate it when they hear someone say “thank you” for their hard work? Who doesn’t love to be appreciated? Especially during the end of the year when everyone is celebrating the holidays and starting fresh in the new year, employee end-of-year gifts are a great opportunity to say both “thank you” and “I appreciate what you do for this company.” It is also a great time to reflect on the success of individuals within the company and celebrate their achievements. This ritual is a great way to increase your employees’ morale and dedication to the company. It will boost loyalty and help end the year on a positive note so that everyone can start the new year in a constructive mode.thank you

Here are a few ideas on thanking your employees for a job well done:

Goody Bags

One of the best ways to distribute end-of-year gifts to employees is by giving them out at holiday parties as goody bags. Everyone loves those gifts (like mugs, bags, tumblers, caps, blankets, bottles, etc.) that they can utilize in the office, at home, at the gym or anywhere. There are so many different types of promotional holiday gifts to choose from on our site, everyone can find something to suit their needs and budgets.

Peer Appreciation & Recognition

One program we run here at Motivators is the “BUCKS program.” Basically with every paycheck, we get a batch of “motivators bucks” which has room to write “to,” “from,” and “date.” Whenever someone goes out of their way to do something and you want to say “thank you,” giving them bucks is a great way to show how much you appreciate what they do. So for example, when my art department does an exceptional job with an art proof, or my customer service department gives outstanding service to my customers, I like to give them multiple bucks to say “thank you and keep up the good work!”

At the end of the year at out holiday party, we have many different items that are raffled off. Using the bucks that everyone has earned throughout the year, they can bid on the items. Not only is it a fun way to get nice gifts, but it is also something that motivates everyone to go that extra mile to earn those extra bucks!


End-of-year awards are a great way to show recognition to those employees who exhibit hard work, dedication and have achieved their goals for the year. Giving special plaques and trophies for “top” categories is a great boost of morale to those who work so hard throughout the year to make your company succeed.


Holiday potlucks are a great opportunity to give employees the most enjoyed holiday gift of all – food! Surely everyone will be bringing in something they make for the office potluck, but why not send them back home with a gift basket. Not only is it a nice way to say “thank you” for the food you made, but it is also a great way to say “thank you” for everything you do throughout the year.

Don’t forget, it is not just about family and friends during the holiday season, but also your employees and co-workers who you probably spend the most time with. Show them all how much you appreciate them with these fun end-of-year holiday gift ideas!


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