5 Most Popular Gift Shop Promos

Gift shops are everywhere: hospitals, colleges, hotels, restaurants, museums and theaters to name a few. Here are the top five choices for promotional products that belong in your gift shop:

  1. Koozie® Can Coolers. No gift shop is complete without the world-famous Koozie. They are very affordable and an easy way for a customer to take a memory home. You can get the original Koozie with one-color imprint or the collapsible Koozie with a full-color logo.Koozies
  2. Tote Bags. These are the perfect gift shop promos to stock. If a customer buys a tote bag, they can carry additional items home with them in the bag. The options are endless as far as styles and materials. There is everything from non-woven and cotton tote bags to classic boat totes.Tote-Bags
  3. Key Chains. These are an easy item to sell. They are an impulse buy when you put them right by the cash register. After all, who can resist a new key chain? Key ring lights, bottle opener key rings and valet key tags are the most useful.Key-Chains
  4. Apparel. Wearable items are probably the most popular gift shop promos to purchase. It is always fun to wear a memento from your favorite school, restaurant, museum or show. T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats are at the top of the list.Apparel
  5. Drinkware. This is a large category of items. Ceramic mugs, plastic travel mugs, travel tumblers and sports bottles are just some of the most commonly found drinkware in gift shops.drinkware

Motivators has over 50,000 items to choose from. Just call any of our sales consultants and we can help you find the right promotional items for your gift shop!


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