How to Promote Black History Month

The History of Black History Month

Black History Month has been celebrated since 1976, but it actually dates back to 1915. Historian Dr. Carter G. Woodson and Minister Jesse E. Moreland created an organization to research and celebrate the history of black Americans. After many years of development, they created Negro History week in 1926. They chose the second week of February because there were two birthdays of key figures in black history up to this point: Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas. Fredrick Douglas was a slave who escaped and became the voice for all the slaves through international lectures and publications to let the word know firsthand what the life of a slave really was like, and Abraham Lincoln was our president who abolished slavery.

The Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s brought awareness of black identity, and by the late 1960s Negro History Week became Black History Month on many college campuses. It was officially recognized by President Ford in 1976. Fast forward to 2016, we have our first black president finishing his

Promoting Black History Month

It is mandatory to celebrate our history to really understand where our future will be. Many companies and communities create rallies, charity walks and everyday handouts to help promote Black History Month. We have many promotional products to help bring awareness to Black History Month. It could be as simple as a pen imprinted with important dates or people of history, a t-shirt to organize your own group in the next charity walk, or a simple wristband that can be worn all year long as a reminder on how far we all have come as a society.


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