Promo Spotting on the Big (and Little) Screen

Promotional products can be seen wherever you go, but did you know they are also in TV/movies all of the time? Everyday items are used in cinema to help give the actor more character. Here are a few items I have spotted:

1) Mugs

A mug is a staple in shows that revolve around an office setting. Mad Men and The Office both show custom imprinted mugs that are used in the shows.Mugs

2) Pens & Pencils

Much like the mug, a pencil or pen is also used frequently. Writing instruments are one of the top sold imprinted items used as giveaways, so it’s no wonder they are commonly seen in movies and on TV.Pens-Pencils

3) Rubik’s Cube

Games and toys also make appearances on screen. The Big Bang Theory is known for its use of the rubik’s cube in the show. But did you know that we are able to imprint on them as well?Rubiks-Cube

4) Umbrellas

The infamous yellow umbrella from How I Met Your Mother is one promo not soon forgotten. The show used the umbrella as a tease and beacon for finding out whom Ted actually marries. I think yellow umbrella sales went up after that show.Umbrella

5) Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just for giveaways at a party; sunglasses are a key accessory for many characters. They can give someone an edge or sense of humor. And Motivators carries a ton of them!Sunglasses


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