What You Ought to Know About Promotional Food

You know the saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Well I definitely think it should have been, “food makes the stomach grow fonder.” I mean come on, who doesn’t love FOOD! Especially when it’s free!

Food might be the biggest overlooked promotional item. Mainly because most people are not aware of the attraction it can bring. But with every good thing comes the bad. So let me go over some of the major pros and cons about promotional food.

The best-selling time for food products is during the holiday season. Everyone loves receiving the gift of the yummy goodies. It can be wrapped beautifully in tins, baskets and even boxes. The selections of fillings are endless; nuts, flavored popcorn, and chocolate covered pretzel are among the top favorites.Promotional-Food-Boxes

The candy items are extremely big in smaller portions. They are mostly sold in one- or two-ounce bags. We can do a direct print on the clear bags or a full-color header, which will get a lot of attention. What we want to be careful about with these kinds of fillings is the packaging. For example gold fish, potato chips, pretzels and nacho chips are all items that are easily breakable. If they are not packaged properly, you can receive an order full everything crushed into sand.Promotional-Chips

Our chocolate selection is breathtaking. We have anything and everything you can ask for. Custom molds, truffles, hot chocolate sticks… you name it, we can make it! What you have to remember when ordering anything that has chocolate is the shipping. It is recommended that chocolate is shipped with two-day shipping in coolers to avoid melting (especially when shipping to regions that are hotter than others). We also do not ship chocolate over the weekend, so keep that in mind if you’re trying to meet a deadline.Promotional-Chocolate

Although we offer chocolates that do not contain nuts, they are fulfilled in a facility that has nuts. This should be a red flag depending on the audience you are purchasing for. Most schools are very cautious about nut-free items as nut allergies are a big factor when it comes to kids’ health. Please make sure that the items you purchase have warnings on them.Nut-Free-Sign

At Motivators Promotional Products, we go above and beyond for our customers’ needs and do our best to get all the correct answers. Do not hesitate to call us to go over any concerns you have about using promotional food for your next giveaway!


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