What You Ought to Know About Promotional Food

*updated November 2018

Food products are always big crowd-pleasers, especially during the holiday season. They’re simple yet unique, and there are tons of options. You can find something at all different price points to satisfy any taste preference. From smooth and sweet to salty and crunchy, individual-sized tins to massive food towers, there is a logoed food option for you. As you shop, here is what you’ll want to keep in mind about promotional food…

Think Outside the Basketchandler surrounded by fruit baskets

There’s no denying the popularity of a good fruit basket. It’s sweet and simple. But your food gift needs to stand out. Don’t get lost in a sea of fruit baskets… Give your basket, tin or tower a little extra oomph with branded packaging and customized gifts your clients will love for a “thank you” they won’t soon forget.

Get Enough to Sharejoey doesn't share food

If you’re buying promotional food items as a gift for a company you work with, your own employees or any group of people, make sure you have enough to go around. It’s better to have too much than too little. Items like gift towers filled with gourmet treats and chocolates are a good choice to appeal to a large group.

Package Appropriatelyjoey's head in bubble wrap

Delicate food items like pretzels, chips and cookies could get damaged in transit if not packaged with care. One way to avoid delivering a bag of crumbs to your clients is to choose promotional tins. Tins will help keep your items from getting bumped around and broken. Plus they offer the recipient a keepsake with your brand on it to re-purpose when the food has all been eaten.

Be Mindful of AllergiesRoss allergic to kiwi

When it comes to large groups, it’s hard to avoid all possible food allergens, but as long as you items without common allergens, your gift can still be enjoyed by all. If you’re shopping on a more personal level, you can avoid sending items containing known allergens. Be mindful of ingredients such as peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, soy, wheat etc.

Consider the WeatherMonica big hair

We want your promotional food items to be devoured and enjoyed. That’s why we take such care in sending perishables. In summer months or warmer climates, logoed chocolates, truffles and dipped items could melt if not packaged properly and shipped in a timely manner. For that reason we recommend a maximum of two-day shipping with cooler packs on anything with chocolate. Also keep in mind when ordering that we do not deliver chocolate items over the weekend (to avoid possible melting), so budget extra time if you need to meet a specific date.

Need more ideas on promotional food items? Check out our buying guides: Promoting Your Brand with Food and Buying Food Gifts for the Holidays.


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