Promote Heart Health this February!

The month of February (traditionally the month of romance) is also National Heart Health Month! It’s the time of year that employers, governments and communities encourage everyone to live a heart-healthy lifestyle. While some people love to be healthy and work out, most people need a little encouragement. How can you help to promote heart health within your organization? The three main things to every successful program are: make it FUN, make it educational and (most importantly) make it rewarding!

Create a Successful Wellness Program

A successful wellness program needs to be fun. Plan Wellness Week as a way to kick off the program and get everyone excited and on board. Begin with a lunch-and-learn program to explain your goals and how everyone will benefit. Have a nurse come in to read blood pressure, weight and BMI measurements. You could also give them a healthy lunch kit to promote healthy eating habits.healthy-lunch

Encourage employees to walk more, take the stairs, and get up and stretch throughout the day. Set goals keep track, and make it a contest! To make it fun and keep them motivated, don’t forget to include a pedometer; everyone can keep track of their important steps for the day.pedometer

Everyone needs to know why they are doing something and how it will benefit them. Hand out useful educational brochures and booklets about blood pressure, weight management, smoking cessation, diabetes and first aid. Include a notebook so that they can keep track of their progress. Continue the educational sessions weekly to keep everyone at the top of their game!educational

Finally, make it rewarding! As your employees work towards their fitness goals, create milestone rewards and celebrate individual success during the weekly meetings. Reward for an amount of weight lost, meeting a workout goal, quitting smoking, or lowering your cholesterol or blood pressure numbers. Set the reward levels and list the prizes at the beginning of the program. Here are some great reward ideas:

The Hydra Coach Water Bottle to encourage drinking water, as well as a yoga mat and Bluetooth pedometer.wellness-ideas

So get going with your employee wellness program and promote heart health this February! The money invested will reap its rewards in less employee sick leave, health issues and insurance costs while increasing productivity and job satisfaction among employees. What are you waiting for? Call one of the experts at Motivators Promotional Products to help you launch your program today!

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