Think Outside the Promos

With the time and cost involved in attending a trade show, you want to make sure you attract a large crowd to your booth. Nobody wants to be one of the deserted trade show booths no one stops at.

It goes without saying that promos will help draw in passersby. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff?! Even if they walk away, they will have a product imprinted with your company name and logo. Some great items for trade shows are stress balls, gum packs, mints, bottles, totes and (of course with touching all the products at all the booths) hand sanitizer items. While these items are a sure to help bring in the crowd, here are some other, more unique ideas that can draw traffic into your trade show booth as well.

  • Social Media – Almost anyone and everyone you know is on social media. In today’s age that is one of the top ways to stay current with the latest news and events. Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. During the event social media can be used to keep the buzz going; post pictures of the event in action and/or offer giveaways to anyone who comments or posts about your
  • Visual Appeal – Use lots of color and eye-catching graphics to draw the crowd in from across the room; however, be sure to keep things neat and simple. Try to start planning three-six months in advance; last minute efforts are hardly ever impressive.
  • Interesting Presentation – Try to include a short presentation to grab the attention of the crowd. This will draw the crowd in and inform them of your product or service. You can use a tablet to your advantage in this case. A small presentation can be pre-taped or made on PowerPoint and replayed throughout the show.
  • Free Food & Drinks – By providing snacks and refreshments you can easily populate your booth. People get hungry and thirsty during a trade show, and food or drinks can be very expensive or hard to find without leaving the trade show. Offer free food and drinks like coffee and tea, water, sodas, cookies, nuts and finger food.snacks

With the trade show season in full swing, how did you prepare?


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