Touchdown! How to Gain Yardage at Your Super Bowl Party.

Every year for the passed 15 years my friends and I have done the same thing for the first weekend in February… oh yeah that’s the super bowl!! It’s like Christmas for us! We begin preparing for the event about a month prior with super bowl boxes, divvying out responsibilities for food and drinks and whatever special thing we’re going to do that year. Things have changed quite drastically from the no responsibility teenagers to the married parents almost all of us have become.super-bowl

Every year we do imprinted koozies to commemorate the event. “Oh hey, remember 04 when (he who shall not be named) fell through the screen door?!” It’s like each one had its own book of memories.

It doesn’t have to stop there either. Most people think promotional items are solely for companies. That’s not true at all! We have tons of items that can be ordered in smaller quantities for get-togethers like these, birthday parties, family reunions, yearly softball games – the possibilities are endless!

So when all the heroes are gone, the wings have been devoured, the drinks have been drunk, whatever final numbers have been decided in your boxes and (the winner of the reason why we get together) the game has ended, you will still have whatever promotional item you chose for years to come!


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