4 Ways to Boost Awareness with Promos

There are many ways to boost awareness about any topic with promotional items. While simply giving out an item can do the trick, here are some other ways of getting creative with event-based promotions.awareness

  1. Sponsor an Event: Whether it is with a breakfast get together, girls’ night out or golf tournament, there are tons of ways to raise awareness by sponsoring an event! When you sponsor an event, you are able to make sure that your cause is front and center in the eyes of all the attendees. You can have your name/cause on all the invitations and pre-event advertising, pamphlets on each table setting, and gift bags for each member. This is a great way to bring people together for your cause.
  2. Hand out Promotional Items: Get together a street team, and hit the pavement! While handing out promotional items without an event-based goal might seem like a waste of time, it is absolutely not. Finding the right promotional item to raise awareness can do wonders for your cause. Whether you are handing out bracelets for breast cancer at your local mall, sunglasses at the beach, or free branded snacks at the airport, make the promotion memorable, and it will do the talking for itself.
  3. Attend a Fundraiser: This is a great way to boost awareness. We hear about walks all the time, and the first thing that people do once they get together as a team is buy promotional t-shirts! These shirts let everyone know they are walking as a united front for their special cause. You might be remembering a close grandmother, fighting cancer for your best friend, or walking on behalf of those that can’t walk on their own. In any case, your promotional t-shirt will raise awareness and draw attention in a very special, memorable way.
  4. Get on Social Media: We see hashtags all over the place, right? Some are for clothing brands, celebrities, and others are to raise awareness. Think of a hashtag that people can relate to – something that they can add to a post online and use as a real statement. Keep it short and sweet, but also meaningful and powerful.

These are all different ways to boost awareness with promos other than simply handing out items. But no matter how you do it, you are making a statement and telling people about something they might not otherwise have known about. Work with our team on raising awareness for your special cause today!


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