5 Unique Ways to Use Promotional Products

Promotional products have so many purposes. They are not just intended for use at your regular businesses, schools, and corporate events. There is so much more they can be used for! How many of you think of birthdays, weddings, reunions, showers, and bar mitzvahs? Motivators offers unique novelty items that can be given out at any event. Motivators has a whole selection on our site dedicated to special events that promotional items are used for. Just take a look, and you will definitely find something unique. And don’t be turned away by the high minimums you see. If there is something you like and want to order a smaller quantity, just give us a call, and we will make it happen!

  1. Birthday Celebrations: Not only are promotional (a.k.a. novelty) items great giveaways for the guests of birthday celebrations, but they are also a terrific way to surprise the birthday boy or girl! Great gifts such as t-shirts, sunglasses, hand fans, and promotional foods and candies are great ideas to give away at a birthday celebration. Just take a look at our vast selection of birthday giveaways!birthday
  2. Family Reunions: Every so often families need to get together and have a reunion to catch up with each other’s lives. The larger the families get, the more difficult this can be sometimes; however, no matter how difficult it may get at times, family reunions are worth the wait. Take a look at all of the fun promotional items that fit your theme such as bags, buttons, bottles, beach balls, and so much more.
  3. Baby / Bridal Showers: Another great way to show off your party planning skills is to get creative with your shower favors. Whether it be for a wedding or a baby, there is always a wide array of products to choose from on our site. Everything you can think of – promotional foods, candies, umbrellas, totes, and so much more – are available for your private party.
  4. Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah: A lot bar/bat mitzvahs tend to run on themes such as sports, movies, animated characters, etc. With so many different themes to choose from, the promotional gifts that can be used are endless. Just take a look at Bar Mitzvah Event Ideas on our site and see for yourself!
  5. Weddings: One of my favorite parts of going to a wedding is the cool little favors that are given away. It is such a great time to get creative! Some popular wedding favor items are can coolers, picture frames, mint tins, seed ornaments and glassware. All of these and many more great ideas are just a click away on our site.wedding-favors

Promotional products are fun not just for business use, but also personal use! As you can see, everyone can find some sort of promotional item to give away at any event. The above ideas were just some! And if you ever have any trouble figuring out what you want, just give Motivators a call. Any sales associate would be happy to help you with some great event ideas!






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