Don’t Get Left in the Rain Without a Promotional Umbrella

Umbrellas were invented to keep the rain off of our heads and to shield our skin from the sun! Take a look at some of my favorites and see which one is right for you!promotional-umbrellas

Summer time comes, and I love to hit the beach. These days beach time is a little different with kids in tow. Sun safety becomes that much more important. That is why I love sun umbrellas. They are a great way to protect me and my kids from getting sunburn. They come in various sizes and fun colors to keep you stylish at the beach too.

My new current favorite is the inverted promotional umbrella. These are very stylish and make using an umbrella very easy. This umbrella turns inside out when not in use, which helps keep the wet side away to keep you dry. Ever try getting out of your car during a down pour and fumble to open your umbrella without getting wet only to end up half drenched? The inverted umbrella was created for these specific types of situations.

Some other great types of umbrellas are golf umbrellas and folding umbrellas. Gold umbrellas are not just for golfers anymore. These were typically used in golf due to the much larger umbrella size to protect the golfer and his/her cart. Because of their sturdiness and larger arch, golfer umbrellas became very popular amongst people living in urban areas. On the other hand, a folding umbrella is a necessity for someone who travels a lot. Because of its compact size, the folding umbrella can easily fit into your bag and not take up all of your needed space.

Rain or shine, Motivators has you covered with promotional umbrellas!


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