Stress Awareness Month

April is stress awareness month! It began in 1992 when a bunch of health professionals stated to see real problems arise from patients with too much stress.

From young adult stress to work related stress, there are lots of simple steps that can help you to overcome it. Why not start a stress journal to find out how or why your stress is triggered? Or just make some more time for fun and relaxation. Around a quarter of all people say work is the biggest cause of stress in their lives, so don’t let stress get to you. Take a deep breath or a walk to help your overall health.

From a promotional products point of view, this is an amazing opportunity. It can be difficult to not let stress overcome you, but with constant reminders it can be possible!stress-awareness

The most obvious product for relieving stress is the stress ball! These items are available in just about any shape, size and color you can think of, and with thousands to choose from, you can always find one that’s good for a laugh. I mean who wouldn’t smile at a random elephant sitting on their desk!

We also have tons of pamphlets to educate people on the impact stress has on the body. If you’re more aware it might help combat it.

Finally, our workout equipment and water bottles go a long way in the fight against stress. When you’re active and produce endorphins, your body is less likely to be stressed and depressed.

Stress is a dangerous thing if it’s not handled correctly, and there are many people who struggle daily, but awareness is the key to fighting it. So help spread stress awareness this April!


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