How to Find Right Real Estate and The Perfect House for YOU

One of the biggest, most exciting, and scary things you will ever do is to purchase a new home. Whether it is your first time or your seventh time (like me!!), having a great real estate professional is key to a great outcome. I have worked with brand new agents (very eager!), a husband and wife team (funny friendly bickering in the car), and many seasoned professionals. You can blaze your own trail (have done that too), but it can be tricky, and you might miss something important! I recommend sticking with a professional.

So whom do you go with? I start by knowing where I want to live, and choose an agent who specializes in that area. I also like to work with known agencies like Remax, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker and so on. Then you have to choose the individual agent. If the agent has a big billboard or you receive a promotional magnet in the mail, you know these are the serious agents… Try one of them.real-estate

Once you find the agent, it is time to find the house. Be VERY specific in your wish list. I personally insist on gas cooking. If it is not available, I don’t want to waste my time. Remember: it’s your house and your money! The best agents will provide me with something to help keep my house hunt organized, and I really appreciate this gesture. I especially love a little notebook with a pen and a pocket to keep track of each house and make notes while viewing them, because they will all start to blend together if you don’t. At the end of your day, review the notes and save homes that are still in the running. Eliminate the others!notebooks

You might luck out and find your dream home right away. Or, like most people, you will look at many, many homes before you decide. A good real estate agent will be patient and begin to learn what you like. They can then refine the search or expand as necessary.

You finally find it! Your new HOME! Now don’t get too attached to it yet! Once your offer is accepted, you will get an inspection. You might find something like a huge crack in the foundation or that the entire house is sliding down a hill (both of which happened to me). This is when you get to say “no” or ask for a reduced price. You lose the inspection money, but it is the best money you will ever spend!

If the inspection is good, it is time to close! Closing can be frustrating, but again a serious real estate agent will be the key to keeping stress to a minimum. At the end of the closing you will go home with all of your important documents in a nice, neat folder. Just put that in a safe place, and all of your home documents will be easily accessible when you need them.folder

If you are a real estate agent and you need to get a little more serious, check out Motivators Promotional Products for all of your real estate marketing needs. Happy house hunting!


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