Promotional Baseball Giveaways

Being in the promotional products field and being a huge fan of baseball, I recently found an article actually ranking the top 30 promotional baseball giveaways for 2016. Gone are the days of cheap t-shirts and towels, check out these creative ideas:

30. Padres, Padres logo earbudspromotional-earbuds
29. Indians, 1976 road jersey
28. Braves, Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren “famous calls” bobblehead
27. Orioles, Manny Machado garden gnome
26. Diamondbacks, Paul Goldschmidt bobblehead
25. Tigers, Miguel Cabrera “Miggy Bank” piggybank
24. Mariners, Taijuan “Sky” Walker bobblehead
23. Pirates, Raise the Jolly Roger bobblehead
22. Phillies, Retro socks
21. Giants, Buster Hugs Mugpromotional-mugs
20. Angels, Mike Trout wall catch figurine
19. Astros, Mike Scott 1986 rainbow jersey
18. Twins, 1991 World Championship stein
17. Cardinals, 2006 World Championship stein
16. Rockies, D.J. LeMahieu Ghostbusters bobblehead
15. Dodgers, 1981 Tri-MVP bobblehead
14. Cubs, Ron Santo replica statue
13. Mets, 1986 weekend From May 27-29, the Mets celebrate the 30-year anniversary of their last World Series championship team. This includes a replica jersey giveaway on Friday (27th) and a replica ring giveaway on Sunday.
12. Yankees, Mariano Rivera monument park plaque dedication day
11. Red Sox, David Ortiz 500 HR necklace OK, so obviously these aren’t really expensive jewels or anything, but this is pretty sharp.promotional-necklace
10. Blue Jays, Josh Donaldson MVP bobblehead
9. Rays, Chris Archer K counter
8. White Sox, Chris Sale K counter bobblehead
7. Marlins, Ichiro Suzuki hit counter bobblehead
6. Royals, World Series championship replica trophy
5. Nationals, Max Scherzer bobblehead no-hitter bobblehead
4. Reds, Junior dual bobblehead
3. Rangers, Adrian Beltre removeable helmet bobblehead
2. Brewers, Bob Uecker talking alarm clock
1. Athletics, Sean Doolittle Metallica gnome with soundpromotional-gnome

These items are sure to be in fans sports rooms or man caves for years to come!


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